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The purpose of the Association is to provide our members with practical information about keeping honey bees

We meet the second Tuesday of each month.

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Welcome to the Putnam County Beekeepers Association website. Our association is now in our 5th year since we started and going strong. Every year we get more people from the community that spark an interest in starting their own hive and raising Honey Bees. Some want to keep bees just for pollination of their flowers and gardens others want to try to harvest honey and some want to keep honey bees just because they are such a fascinating insect to watch and learn from.

Regardless of why a person wishes to become a beekeeper the end result can be very rewarding or very disappointing and sometimes devastating to the person trying their best. Back many years ago it was much easier to keep bees but now due to many factors that we face there are many obstacles that a beekeeper must be ready for and react to prevent a hive from becoming weak or dead.

                The sole purpose of our association has not changed one bit since we started years ago. We are here to help educate anyone that needs help in becoming successful in beekeeping. Our goal is for all of our association members to become “SELF SUSTAINABLE” in beekeeping. This means that we can rely on each other to get our supply of bees when we have hive loss or a loss of a queen. Once we can become self-sustainable our hopes are that no one will have to purchase bees from out of state. I firmly believe that bees from this area that come from bees that have survived a year or two in this area are much stronger and adaptable to our environment then bees that are shipped in from and area that shuts their streets down when a snowflake falls out of the sky.

                No one in our association is an expert and I do not believe anyone can ever know everything about bees. Learning something new each year is one of the fun parts in this hobby. Our association does however have some keepers with many years of experience under their belt. We try to have a good mentoring program for anyone wishing to be mentoring. Our members are a very hard-working group, which is evidence when we stand at the State Fair each year for a day or two and whenever we put on a club event.

                To be a member of this association is easy, just come to a meeting. Joining is free and everyone is welcome. Our meetings are geared toward discussions on topics related to honey bees. Active members can benefit from the equipment usage free of charge that we have worked very hard to purchase. This alone can be a great cost savings to a new beekeeper as long as they are an active member.

                Whether you are just starting out in beekeeping or just joining after several years we hope that your experience will be very rewarding for many years to come. We try to put as much information as we can dig up onto our web site for everyone to search through and get whatever help that they can use. So, enjoy the site and remember for those that do Facebook we also have a Facebook account to also enjoy.

                Where ever you are looking from and for what ever purposes, I hope you are blessed with many great experiences in whatever endeavors you shoot for and hope that you have a BEEEautiful day!

                                Bob Gruener    President Putnam County Beekeepers Association.