March 8 Meeting

Meeting Topics:

Third meeting on the beginner beekeeping classes:

  • Location
  • Installation
  • Feeding
  • Water
  • Life span and cycle
  • Larvae development
  • Colony activities
  • Spring beekeeping activities

Finalize plans for the Saturday, March 12  8:00am-noon, "Ag day at the Putnam County fair grounds", Putnam County Beekeepers Booth:

  • Volunteers needed!


    November 10 meeting

    Meeting Topics - Jenna Nees with Purdue Extension Office will discuss agriculture applications that are used in the area and ways that we can help keep our hives safe. 

    Jenna Nees is an Extension Educator Agriculture & Natural Resources for Putnam County.

    2016 BEE SCHOOL- Saturday, February 27, 2016 at  Decatur Central High School

    You can sign up on-line at        

    Pre-register $30.00 individual / $50.00 Family. You do not have to be signed up in the Indiana Beekeepers Association or the State Association to come to the school.

    October 13 meeting

    Meeting Topic - Getting ready for winter

    Bring any equipment you want to sell, be ready to buy anything you need that is for sale.

    We have a plan on buying a large load of Cane sugar. Anyone that will need cane sugar for the winter please have an idea on the amount that you will want (in 25 lb increments). We will have the “today’s price” at the meeting and we will make arrangements the following day. I will explain more at the meeting.


    July 14 meeting

    Ethan Mitchell will be discussing splitting hives.  Why and how to correctly do a split.  He will also tell us about the projects he has been working on and how things are going in his apiary.

    Debbie Seib from the White lick Beekeepers Association will give us some insight into the Apimondia that they are trying to win the bid for in the US (Minneapolis MN) in 2019. Apimondia is a massive convention for Beekeepers from around the world.