Putnam County Beekeepers 1st Meeting

On January 6th the Putnam County Beekeepers held their first meeting at the Dixie Chopper Business center at the Putnam County Airport.  Bob Gruener presided over the meeting of more than fifty interested beekeepers with various experience levels, from beginners to experts.  

Highlights of the meeting:

Introduction - Purpose of the association

Brief talk by Stevie King about his Bee supply business  "King Bee" 

The group elected Officers:

  • Bob Gruener - President
  • Bret Hurley - Vice President
  • Teresa Maher - Secretary

The group voted on the name "Putnam County Beekeepers Association".

Discussion about Beekeeping in Indiana and how to keep your bees through the winter.

Decided the next meeting would be held on DePauw's campus at the Julian Science Center Room 251 on the second Tuesday of the each month at 6 pm.