June 13 meeting at Chandlers Apple Orchard

Due to the busy schedules at DePauw next week, we will be meeting at Chandlers Apple Orchard.  Chandlers Apple Orchard is located 3.8 miles west of Stilesville.  Bring your bee suite as we will open the two association hives.  Ron Bastin from Bastin Honey Farms will be our Guest Speaker.  There are a few picnic tables, if possible please bring your own chairs.  (Bob Gruener)

Chandlers Apple Orchard

2849 S County Road 825 E, Fillmore, IN 46128 · (317) 539-6255

March 8 Meeting

Meeting Topics:

Third meeting on the beginner beekeeping classes:

  • Location
  • Installation
  • Feeding
  • Water
  • Life span and cycle
  • Larvae development
  • Colony activities
  • Spring beekeeping activities

Finalize plans for the Saturday, March 12  8:00am-noon, "Ag day at the Putnam County fair grounds", Putnam County Beekeepers Booth:

  • Volunteers needed!