Welcome all beekeepers (Putnam County, Indiana)


The purpose of the Association is to provide our members with practical information about keeping honey bees

We meet the second Tuesday of each month.

Next Meeting December 11 at THE PUTNAM INN in greencastle (December get together)

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Welcome to the Putnam County Beekeepers Association web site. Since the start of our association a year and a half ago we have grown from 61 people on the e-mail roster to 132. One main reason for the increase is many have grown interested in starting a hive in their back yard, after hearing about the issues the country has been facing through the media. Our association meets the second Tuesday of every month at DePauw University Julian Science building, and on occasions we will meet at members houses to work on bee hives or special projects related to the hobby.

                The goal at our meeting is to get as much educational information out to everyone in the association so we can each take the information home and use on our own hives. Not only learning new techniques on how to do things but also to learn how to find answers to the many questions that many beekeepers usually have throughout the year. We have many new beekeepers in our group along with several with 20, 30 and up to 40 years of experience keeping bees.

                Our association is totally free to join and participate in, we do have some money that is used for costs like this web site and also for equipment that can be shared and used by the members, and we will always welcome any businesses or individuals that would like to donate to sponsor our association. We are very grateful to our sponsors and gladly post their business logos, names and contact information on our sponsorship page.

                Last year we had a very strange and bad year in our bee colonies with high amounts of absconding and total hive loss. This year seems to have been a great turn around as many members are talking about how strong their hives are. My goal as president still stands the same, I am hoping that everyone’s hives will go into winter strong and come through to spring in good health and that we as a group will get to where we will not need to purchase bees or queens from outside our area to keep good healthy colonies thriving in our county. To do this will take a lot of learning, teaching and getting involved in getting better and helping out those that need a hand and learning new aspects such as queen rearing, equipment building and development and splitting.

                I hope you enjoy the site and remember everyone is welcome to come to a meeting weather you want to become a beekeeper or just have an interest in learning about these incredible and fascinating flying pollinators and honey producers.


Bob Gruener     

President Putnam County Beekeepers Association